Scott’s Story

Home Inspector With
A Heart

December 10, 2012 was a normal day for the Seaton family. Scott was doing home inspections all day and came home to have dinner with his family and watch some football before bed. At 1:30am, he woke up with terrible pain in his shoulder and realized he was having a heart attack. He woke up his wife, Mary, and she calls 911. Mary was terrified – he was grayish in color and she began praying continuously.

At the hospital, Scott was in ventricular tachycardia and his heart wasn’t beating for 40 seconds. After receiving shocks and epinephrine, he began to recover. In recovery, his doctor showed him his cardiogram and said “you’re lucky you’re alive… It’s a miracle you’re here.” What happened to his heart had only a 5% survival rate. If the hospital had been only 5 minutes slower to treat him, Scott wouldn’t be here. Riverside Hospital has the Seatons’ full gratitude.

SLS Home Inspections’ tag line, “Home Inspector With A Heart,” comes from this story. When Scott was talking with a coach and telling him his story, the coach suggested that Scott is a “home inspector with a heart” and his company tagline was born. Scott is a great guy who really has a heart and would not be here if it were not for the doctors and emergency professionals at Riverside Hospital.