A home inspection is a visual assessment of a property including major mechanical and electrical systems performed by a trained professional in accordance with industry standards. Some of the items typically inspected are: plumbing, electrical, roofing, siding, windows and doors, HVAC systems, the foundation, and so much more. A written report with photos explaining the current condition of the property is provided at the conclusion of the inspection.

A home inspection provides you with an unbiased, objective written assessment of the property you are about to sell or purchase, including safety concerns. This puts you in the best position to make the best decision regarding your investment.

If you’re a seller, a pre-listing inspection gives you an easy to follow guide to maintenance items you might want to repair before the home is on the market. Showing prospective buyers the inspection report, and what items were fixed, gives them added confidence in the quality and care you’ve taken in your home.

Home buyers use a home inspection to gather additional information about the largest purchase of their life. Understanding the condition of a property can provide peace of mind for both buyers and sellers.

Cost of a home inspection depends on a variety of factors including: square footage, age of the home, extra outbuildings, location.

For pricing for a specific property, please call our office (815) 644-6271.

A complete home inspection generally takes between 2 and 3 hours onsite. This allows time for assessment of the home’s exterior, interior, mechanical and electrical systems. We welcome the buyers to attend the inspection and your inspector will work to thoroughly explain all significant findings. We can also spend as much time on the phone if you are unable to attend.

The short answer, No. An inspection is an unbiased report based on the condition of a home at the time of the inspection. A property can’t fail and the main reason is any problem can be, or has been repaired. It is simply an informational tool for you to use when evaluating a property.

If you’re a buyer, you should schedule an inspection as soon as you have a signed, accepted offer in place and before closing. If you are selling a property, consider a pre-listing inspection before putting the home on the market. This will give you time to consider making any necessary repairs to boost buyer confidence and help your home rise above the nearby competition. Call us at 815-644-6271 to schedule your inspection.